2018 Honorees


Micah--no textMicah is a smart, loving 3-year-old from Boise who enjoys playing games with his big brother, making others laugh, and using his imagination.  He loves tacos, the color red, and playdoh.  Micah was diagnosed with leukemia in November.  He is currently undergoing chemotherapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant in early 2018.  In addition, Micah may be eligible for CART cell immunotherapy as part of his treatment.  Micah’s family is looking forward to when treatment will end—hopefully later this year—and he can just focus on being a kid again!


Mia—a smiley, spunky, athletic 12-year-old from Twin Falls—is always up for a competition with her four siblings.  When this outgoing 7th-grader is not on the softball Mia no textfield or basketball court, she can be found cheering for Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, watching the Ellen Show, or playing the piano or guitar.  In July 2017, everything changed for Mia when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her femur and knee, with metastasis to her lungs.  Since that time, Mia has undergone chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumors and lower part of her leg.  She still has several rounds of chemo ahead of her, along with a potential surgery to remove the tumors in her lungs.  In the upcoming months, Mia will also be receiving her prosthetic and beginning intense physical therapy.   Mia’s family is looking forward to summer of 2018 when Mia is scheduled to be done with treatment.


JW is a happy, energetic 19-month-old who loves to go, go, go!  This outgoing Meridian boy loves dancing to his favorite music, watching Elmo, Cars, or Toy Story, and eating his favorite foods.  JW was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in September 2017.  He JW no texthas undergone five rounds of chemotherapy and had surgery in December to remove the tumor in his abdomen.  JW is preparing for his first stem cell transplant in January.  He will have a second stem cell transplant in February, followed by immunotherapy treatment and radiation.  JW and his parents are looking forward to May when they will get to meet his new baby brother.