2017 Honorees


ryan2 Ryan Crawford just turned 6 years old on May 10th. He is smart, funny, and loving. He is thorough and likes to think things through. Ryan and his family enjoy spending time outdoors and going camping when they can! In February of 2016, he was diagnosed with fast-growing pediatric brain cancer.  In the past year, this little fighter has undergone three craniotomies to remove the tumor, endured 30 rounds of brain and spine radiation, and nine rounds of chemotherapy. In July of 2017 he completed active treatment!

lily3 Lily King is 4 ½ years old and cannot wait to start school! She is a very precocious extrovert whose curiosity and ability to ask questions is never ending. Lily enjoys dancing, coloring, arts & crafts, and going to the zoo. The day before Thanksgiving 2015, Lily was diagnosed with leukemia. Currently, Lily is in the maintenance stage of treatment, and is supposed to finish up with her last treatment on February 18, 2018.