What makes Boise’s Got Faith set apart from other nonprofit organizations?

100% of  every donation goes directly to Idaho kids fighting cancer. Everyone who works for BGF is a volunteer and we take pride in that.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will go directly to the families to help them out with any expense that they are having. Below are what a few of our families have used for their funds for.

  • Financial support for parent(s) when you cannot work because of time spent in hospital or clinic
  • Good, reliable transportation
  • Expense for traveling to and from hospital
  • Child care for siblings while brother or sister is in the hospital for treatment
  • Mortgage payment and other bills on reduced work schedule/pay
  • Co-pays and meeting deductible for office visits and lab/scans
  • School tutoring to keep grade-level
  • Outpatient physical therapy for relearning to walk
  • Outpatient neurobehavioral counseling for PTSD

“For us, the greatest gifts from BGF were three things: the fireplace which kept our home warm for Lula’s last winter, the car which enabled us to transport the back and forth with a greater ease and better cost for gas and allowed Sean and the fellas to visit us in SLC, AND the costs for her final services. I don’t know what we would have done without you all. Without the gift and grace God gave us through BGF.”

– Kat Coe, mother of Lula, our 2013 Honoree

“BGF has given us an oncology family, a support system of families that have walked a similar path. They have also helped us retain services that aren’t covered by insurance but will make a world of difference to our son’s quality of life after treatment.”

– Scott and Jessica Crawford, parents of Ryan 2017 Honoree


Why donate?

Rather than listen to what we have to say, hear it from some of our amazing sponsors!

“Boise’s Got Faith is an answer to the question, “what can I do to help?”.   We have loved the yearly race day events, the silent auction, and activities.  We have been privileged to meet and get to know so many wonderful individuals who are examples of courage and faith. Thanks for all you guys do, you have been the answer to my prayers (and many others I am sure). ”

-Bryan Wheeler, The Krazy Coupon Lady

“We have been honored to be a part of Boise’s Got Faith since the very beginning.  It is truly amazing to be a part of such an incredible event.  The outpouring of love and support for these kids and their families shown through the Boise’s Got Faith event, and the Boise Community is really something!  I encourage anyone to attend the event, and just be a part of it in on one level or another. It is a rewarding experience with a great cause.”

-Rick Geist, Metolius Forest Products

“Boise’s Got Faith is a charity that is easy to support.  We love that they help Idaho kids and 100% of the money we donate goes to the kids. I don’t think you can ask more than that from a charity.”

-Kirt Johnson, Darigold

“Boise’s Got Faith is an amazing organization!  How they love and support their honorees is truly amazing.  We look forward to volunteering on race day and seeing the community come out to support such an amazing cause.”

-Team Realty

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year possible!

Title Sponsor- Covers 100% of Event Expenses




Platinum Plus- $5000+

Platinum- $1000- $4999


Bronze- < $499


In Kind- “Friends of Faith” – Donations of Time, Talent, Products, or Services