Honoree Updates

 2017 Honorees

ryan2Ryan Crawford just turned 6 years old on May 10th. He is smart, funny, and loving. He is thorough and likes to think things through. Ryan and his family enjoy spending time outdoors and going camping when they can! In February of 2016, he was diagnosed with fast-growing pediatric brain cancer.  This little fighter underwent three craniotomies to remove the tumor, endured 30 rounds of brain and spine radiation, and nine rounds of chemotherapy.  In July of 2017 he completed active treatment and has responded very well to post-cancer treatments in regaining his balance and ability to walk unassisted!


Lily King is 4 ½ years old and cannot wait to start school! She is a very precocious extrovert whose curiosity and ability to ask questions is never-ending. Lily enjoys dancing, coloring, arts & crafts, and going to the zoo. The day before Thanksgiving 2015, Lily was diagnosed with leukemia. Currently, Lily is in the maintenance stage of treatment, and is scheduled to finish up with her last treatment January 16, 2018!

2016 Honorees

elloiseEloise Lawrence is a playful, determined, adventurous 4-year-old that loves cuddling with her pet pig, Luku. Pretzels,  turkey, and chicken nuggets are three of her favorite foods. Eloise has successfully battled Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. On July 29, 2017 she had her last in-clinic chemotherapy and is scheduled to complete her last dose of medication to help boost her immune system very soon. She is anxiously counting down to the first day of kindergarten, which will start this fall .

FrankyFranky Campos is a shy 1st grader who becomes a little chatterbox when you get to know him. His favorite foods are fruit snacks and Papa Murphy’s Pizza. Franky loves to play with cars and monster trucks.  His favorite is Toro Loco. With his family, Franky likes to go swimming, camping, and fishing. In April of 2015 he was diagnosed with high-risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia- type B.  Franky is in the maintenance stage of treatment, with approximately one year left.

2015 Honorees


Alanna Schiffhauer was full of sass, smiles, sunshine, and energy. She loved playing with her siblings, being outside, and going to Kindergarten. In early 2014 Alanna underwent 6 chemo treatments, a bone marrow harvest, a bone marrow transplant, 18 days of radiation, and 5 antibodies treatments, plus a variety of bacterial infections and other side effects and symptoms. She was enjoying being a healthy kid when her Neuroblastoma came back stronger than ever in Spring of 2017.  On September 8, 2016 Alanna earned her angel wings.

bryBrynlee Nebeker is in the third grade and enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and all exercising in general. She is a fun- loving, happy, very active 9-year-old with a great spirit and an old soul who would do anything for her friends and family.  Brynlee completed her chemotherapy on Sept 30th, 2016 and she took her final oral medication on Christmas day 2016! She will now be going to Boise every three months for doctor and lab visits.

2014 Honorees


Brylee Gabby is 11-years-old and spunky and strong, super social. She loves Idaho History and gets upset anytime she has to miss school for a doctor’s appointment. Fortunately, those are getting spread out to every 3 months! March 20, 2017 was 2 years post stem-cell transplant. After fighting AML for months, Brylee is healthy, happy and enjoying being a normal kid again. She will be continuing to monitor low platelets, with follow-up scans/tests periodically.

Linzi 1Linzi Shoemaker is 7 years old and attending 1st grade at Sterling Elementary in Soldotna, Alaska.  She is now 3 1/2 years cancer-free from Stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma.  She gets checkups every 6 months to make sure the cancer is staying away. Linzi graduated from 2 years of physical therapy last fall and is, in general, a normal healthy kid.  She loves imaginative play and on any given day can be found dressed as a princess or ballerina in high heels dancing her way through the house.

2013 Honoree

lula 2Michaella “Lula” Coe earned her angel wings in February of 2014 after battling Stage IV Wilms Tumors. Throughout her short life she lived in such a way that impacted more people than most of us in a lifetime. Her spunky spirit, love of life, and genuine care of others loves on in all who knew and lived her. Lula is the inspiration behind the “crazy socks” part of Boise’s Got Faith’s Kid’s Fun Run. Her three older siblings are now all in high school and her baby sister is now 2 1/2.

2012 Honoree

faith 1Faith Canfield is 11 years old and in June of 2014 completed treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia! Faith is very helpful to others and known to easily make new friends. When she isn’t doing gymnastics, art, or playing with her dogs, she is hanging out with her family.  She loves spaghetti and BBQ Pringles.  Faith is loving being a busy 5th grader who is cancer-free!