Honoree Updates

2018 Honorees

MicahMicah was a smart, loving 3-year-old from Boise who enjoyed playing games with his big brother, making others laugh, and using his imagination.  He loved tacos, the color red, and playdoh.  Micah was diagnosed with leukemia in November and grew his angel wings in March.  He will be greatly missed by his dad, mom, and big brother–and all who were blessed enough to know this precious boy.


Mia—a smiley, spunky, athletic 12-year-old from Twin Falls—was always up for  competition with her four siblings.  When this outgoing 7th-grader was not on the softball field or basketball court, she loved cheering for Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, watching the Ellen Show, or playing the piano or guitar.  In July 2017, everything changed for Mia when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her femur and knee, with metastasis to her lungs.  Mia fought a valiant battle for a year before growing her angel wings in July of 2018.

JW 2018

JW is a happy, energetic 19-month-old who loves to go, go, go!  This outgoing Meridian boy loves dancing to his favorite music, watching Elmo, Cars, or Toy Story, and eating his favorite foods.  JW was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in September 2017.  Hehas undergone five rounds of chemotherapy and had surgery in December to remove the tumor in his abdomen.  JW has completed two stem cell transplants since the beginning of the year and will begin immunotherapy treatment and radiation soon.  JW and his parents are looking forward to May when they will get to meet his new baby brother.

 2017 Honorees


Ryan Crawford is a sweet, inquisitive 6-year-old whose favorite parts of school include math and coloring. In Ryan’s free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and playing games with his big brother and two younger sisters. When Ryan grows up, he wants to be a doctor. Ryan has completed treatment for brain cancer and is doing great. He continues to have scans every 6 months and participates weekly in speech and physical therapy.

lily post race

Lily King is a charming, mischievous 5-year-old who loves socializing (with anyone and everyone!). She loves playing dress-up, doing crafts, and spending time with family and friends. Lily is keeping her options for her future open, considering becoming a firefighter, teacher, doctor, scientist, police office or artist. Lily has completed her treatment for ALL. She will have her port removed soon and will continue to be monitored closely to ensure the cancer is staying way.

2016 Honorees

2016 Honoree--Eloise

Eloise Lawrence is a happy, spunky 5-year-old who loves everything about Hawaii, skateboarding, dancing, and camping with her dad, mom and 5 siblings. This pig-loving cutie can’t wait to start kindergarten this fall. She has dreams of someday becoming a “pig nurse who teaches pigs how to swim and surf.” Eloise completed treatment for ALL this past summer but continues to be monitored closely—which she doesn’t mind since she loves to visit her doctors and nurses.

2016 Honoree--Franky

Franky Campos is a active, shy first-grader who becomes a little chatterbox when you get to know him. This busy 6-year-old enjoys reading, playing football and dancing. When he grows up, Franky wants to be a police officer. Franky and his family are looking forward to this July when he will complete treatment for leukemia.

2015 Honorees


Alanna Schiffhauer will always be remembered for her contagious exuberance in living life to the fullest, her love of anything and everything “cattywhompus,” and her appreciation of the little things. After a valiant battle with stage IV neuroblastoma, Alanna earned her angel wings in September 2017. Her family continues to cherish all that Alanna has taught them about living in the moment as they enjoy camping, going to movies, playing games, and standing in support of other battle buddies and their families.

bryBrynlee Nebeker is a compassionate, active third-grader who loves math. Her favorite things to do include playing with her younger sister, running with her friends, playing soccer and basketball, and golfing. When she grows up, this bright 9-year-old plans to become a doctor. Brynlee has completed treatment for ALL but continues to be monitored closely every three-months to ensure that the cancer stays away.

2014 Honorees


Brylee Gabby is a caring, active 11-year-old who is in the fifth-grade. When she is not on the slopes skiing with her brother, she can be found biking, swimming or reading. When Brylee grows up, she aspires to become a nurse. Brylee has completed her treatment for AML and is three-years post-transplant. She is over half-way to her post-transplant clearance date.  She will be continuing to monitor low platelets, with follow-up scans/tests periodically.

2014 Honoree--LinziLinzi Shoemaker is a busy, fun 6 ½-year-old who loves first-grade. She loves ice-skating, roller-skating, playing dress up, and having tea parties—especially with her 5 siblings. Linzi continues to love the medical world and plans to someday “take care of people with cancer.”  Linzi completed treatment for stage IV high-risk Neuroblastoma three-and-a-half years ago and has one-and-a-half more years until she will be considered in remission.

2013 Honoree

2013-honoree-lula.jpgMichaella “Lula” Coe will always be remembered for her spunky spirit, love of life, and genuine care of others. Lula earned her angel wings in February of 2014 after battling Stage IV Wilms Tumors. Throughout her short life, she lived in such a way that she impacted more people than most of us ever will in a lifetime. Lula is the inspiration behind the “crazy socks” aspect of Boise’s Got Faith’s Kids’ Fun Run. Lula’s three brothers are all in high school and her baby sister is 2.

2012 Honoree

faith 1Faith Canfield is a loving, kind fifth-grader who dreams of one day becoming an art teacher.  She loves playing with her younger sister and older brother, going for walks with her family, and participating in gymnastics.  Faith is the name-sake and reason behind the creation of Boise’s Got Faith seven years ago.  Faith completed her treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia almost four years ago.  She continues to be monitored regularly to ensure that she remains healthy.